Outdated beliefs about entrepreneurship

Penelope Trunk has a great post about entrepreneurship. She suggests that entrepreneurship now is different than it was five years ago and compares old and new beliefs of enterpreneurs. After reading her post, I feel I was lucky enough by not knowing the beliefs she labeled as old. I started my first business in Russia in 1991 while being a student. I learned the things she labeled as new after about a year of my experience running the company. My beliefs about entrepreneurship were rather stable over the last 14 years (my variant is somewhat different from the one in her blog):

Old: Entrepreneurs are born with a specific set of character traits.
New: People learn entrepreneurship when they start doing it.

Old: Starting a business is risky.
New: Having a job is risky. Most businesses succeed, most jobs end.

Old: Climb the corporate ladder, learn the ropes, then start a company.
New: Start a company to learn the ropes.

Old: Make a business plan and make sure it’s going to work before you start.
New: Just try it. Start and adapt as you go. When it is done, you can describe it in a winning business plan if you want.

Old: Raise money and spend a lot of it on advertising.
New: Raise no money and spend no money on advertising; spend your time improving your product/service instead.

In fact, it would be quite difficult for me to start anything if I had the beliefs labeled as “old.”

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